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In this video, I detail the method I choose to remove the paint from the outdrives. You could spend more or less time and money to prep the unit for paint. I went this route because I felt the amount of corrosion damage warranted it. Cost here was minimal. I consumed about $10 in aluminum oxide blasting media.

Need a replacement engine? I recommend Remanufactured.com

Flagship Chevy Small Block

New Engine for the 1961 Owens

I replaced the 1961 Chevy 283 with a Re-manufactured Chevy 350 Long Block. (A Long Block is the block and heads, a Short Block is just the block, no heads. Not to be confused with Big Block and Small Block). These engines are every bit as good as brand new. Call them and they will help you find the exact correct replacement and deliver it right to your door. They had the 283 but I wanted the 350. It fit perfectly except that the stroke is longer on the 350 and there was some interference with the cast iron oil pan. I modified the pan slightly to make it work. The replaced engine provided 100 additional horsepower, but fuel use went from 3 mpg to 2 mpg. With proper maintenance, the boat could last another 50 years. Alas, I sold the boat and it has since fallen into disrepair.