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Assemble Drive Shaft Housing

  • Measure the Thrust Bearing Races.

The measurements should match the numbers stamped on the case by the alignment marks.

  • Pre-lube everything.
  • Put the races back into the unit in the exact orientation as they were before disassembly.
  • Verify the condition of all components with a careful inspection.
  • Clean and prep all mating surfaces.
  • Carefully remove the shift shaft seal.

A new seal is included in the bravo upper seal kit.

  • Use Locktite and install the seal with installation tool 91-17275A1.
A tool could be made with a nut, bolt and a couple of washers.
The seal is installed squarely into the opening and recessed about .050 inch. 
  • Install the clutch and gear assembly.
  • Align the timing marks (Plus over Minus or Minus over Plus).
  • Align the clutch gear timing marks with the timing marks on the case.
  • Install the U-joint assembly.
  • Verify the timing marks line up.
If they don’t, remove the U-joint assembly and start over.
  • Torque down the retaining nut to 200 foot pounds.
Use the chart, Service Manual #28 page 3A-67. I had to get someone to steady the case.
  • Replace any broken parts on the shift linkage assembly.
Waterfront Property Syracuse
Waterfront Property, Syracuse, New York
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Assemble Drive Shaft Housing

  • To install the linkage assembly:

Turn the assembly 90 Clockwise and slide the assembly into the opening all the way so that the jaws come completely out of the other side, then turn back 90 counterclockwise and put into position. No force is required.

  • Verify that the shift jaws operate properly. 
  • Set the Shift Cam assembly in place. 
  • Install the shift shaft. 
  • Install the cap screws using Locktite and torque according to spec. 
  • Use some adhesive to hold the gaskets in place. 
  • I use anti-seize on all cover bolts. 
  • Draw the cover down evenly and torque to spec. 
  • Grease the ball, compression spring and detent canister in the rear cover. 
  • Draw the rear cover down evenly and torque to spec.
The upper is done.