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Here you will find a series of information pages, videos and links that I hope will assist you in servicing your Mercruiser Bravo One Outdrive.
Disassembling and servicing the outdrive will require some level of skill and patience. An adequate work area is required along with access to a few shop tools. That said, service and repair of the outdrive is not beyond the scope of the home mechanic. While you may find some of the info here useful for servicing your other than Bravo One Outdrive or outboard motor, the site is for Bravo One Outdrive Service. 
Outdrive leaking oil? These videos show disassembling the unit, replacing seals, replacing bearings, reassembling the unit, removing a gimbal bearing and installing the sterndrive unit back onto the boat. More than enough to get you started. If you're having a fishing emergency, pay someone to do the work for you. If you would like to fix an oil leak, prevent some future damage or make some repair yourself, investing as little as possible in purchasing tools you may only use once in your life, read these pages, watch the videos and read the Service Manual.

I find that if I have an opportunity to see a job done once, its much easier than going in blind. I guess it also helps that I have a boat and work on it because I enjoy it.

Some special tools that are only useful for servicing a bravo one outdrive are required, but there are only a few. Buy only the tools you need.

The Most Important Tool you should purchase first:

Mercruiser Service Manual #28
For All Bravo Models Serial Number OM100000 and higher
Here is the link to an online copy of Manual #28 . I recommend buying the hard copy. I got mine on eBay for $30.
Mercruiser Service Manual #11
For Bravo One Sterndrive Units B664190 and higher
The service manual contains all the information you need. Read it. After watching the videos at this site, it will all make sense and be familiar to you. When you are ready to proceed, RTFM again.  
If you just can't read the serial number at all (stamped on the side of the drive), get Manual #28.

Bare Minimum Special Tools needed for a complete reseal:

Bearing Carrier Retainer Nut Wrench 91-61069T
DGMarine $49.95
Bearing Retainer Wrench 91-17256
eBay $21.99
If you are clever and want to take the time, you could fabricate a working version of these wrenches. See the images on this page. If you need to replace some bearings and/or gears or other hard parts, you'll need more special tools. Mercruiser does not provide engineering or detailed dimensional drawings of any of the special tools. Many of the special tools (ie bearing and seal drivers, pullers, hinge pin tool etc.) make the job easier or even possible at all. If I were going into the Mercruiser Sterndrive repair business, I would buy the whole set at least once.

Best recommendations for outdrive longevity:

Remove the outdrive once each season
This is the only way to:
  • Lube the u-joints
  • Properly inspect the bellows
  • Check the driveshaft seal for leaks
  • Grease the splinned shaft so that it does not become frozen into the coupler
  • Check that water is not leaking into the shift linkage cavity
  • Check if the shift shaft seal is leaking oil
  • Inspect and/or replace the Gimbal Bearing
  • Check the engine alignment.
The Drive Mounting Kit, which includes the o-rings and seals needed to reinstall the unit, is about 6 bucks.
Replace all of the anodes as required
Electrolysis will destroy the unit and can turn an aluminum outdrive into swiss cheese in no time.
Change the Drive oil every season
Use only Mercruiser High Performance Gear Lube. It contains:
  • Improved emulsifiers to help protect gears should water enter the gear housing
  • Tackifiers to improve the oil film adhesion to gears and internal components
  • Extreme pressure additives to protect gears from metal to metal contact and excessive wear
Believe it or not, this is carried by Walmart. It is the cheapest I could find around my town. I shouldn't tell you this because they have a limited amount on the shelf at any one time. I stick a couple bottles in the cart every time I go shopping with my wife. I tell her I forgot my wallet when we get to the checkout.

RTFM = Read The Freakin Manual 

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Bearing Retainer Wrench

Bearing Carrier Retainer Nut Wrench

Tool Set 
Gimbal Bearing Installation
Engine Alignment
Hinge Pin